Jarvis started out as DJ for various events and genres, prior to his work at Ground Zero in the early 2000’s. During this time he was a club regular at both Ground Zero and Hard Mondays.
DJ Jarvis has been a resident DJ at Ground Zero for several years, Typically you’ll find him playing an assortment of heavy Industrial, Aggro-tech, EBM, Old school Synthpop and Electronica, not mention requests.
In recent years Jarvis has been DJ at various club nights, music festivals, concerts and conventions, as well as themed Ground Zero events with
DJ Overdrive.

In addition Jarvis is the front-man for the Minneapolis based industrial project
Absynthe Of Faith.

He also founded Absynthetic Productions.
A company specializing darker genre concerts.
Recent artists include:
Velvet Acid Christ, Grendel, Cyanotic, Leæther Strip, God Module, Ego Likeness, and Psyclon Nine.